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U.S. national debt

For a long time, those worries about the size of the U.S. national debt, which currently...

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Haier cuts stake in CICC

Before the Shanghai listing of China International Capital Corp. (CICC) at the end of 2020...

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Driverless taxis in China

In the first of what is undoubtedly many to follow, Chinese multinational technology company Baidu

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China in crisis

PAG founder, chairman, and CEO Weijian Shan criticizes Beijing’s zero-Covid policies as China’s...

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Light & Darkness

China’s Communist Party leadership [CCP] was finally galvanized into action this week as the...

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Bernard Arnault: The Wolf In Cashmere

LVMH rules the global luxury market with its 75 luxury fashion brands [including primarily Dior & more

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Debt can Kill

Evergrande, the Shenzhen-based Chinese property behemoth, employs directly 200,000 people and indirectly over 3.5 million on property projects

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The Bitcoin Day Plunge

Bitcoin enthusiasts and meme investors thought El Salvador adopting BTC as legal tender on September the 7th Bitcoin Day would be a bigger deal

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Conferences & Conflict

The prestigious Jackson Hole event has now concluded in Wyoming, and was almost a non-event, given it was virtual for the 2nd year due to Covid health protocols.

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The Barney & Bailey Circus

P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” and he is also credited with the adage

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