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Intergenerational Finances

Whether you have recently had your first child, have growing children, are preparing for further education, or have grown-up children or grandchildren, planning as a family is more complicated and needs to address a broader range of life events and objectives.

Moreover, as is becoming more common, if you are one of the sandwich generation and have parents or other relatives you are caring for, any financial plans you make may need to cater to the needs of several generations.

Higher Education

Higher education costs mean that planning needs to start earlier and form a central pillar of financial planning. Walker Laurent Inc has you covered for the entire range of financial objectives that relate to families and children, from the day they are born to the day they leave home and beyond.


As well as taking good care of your family and those you care about, your own financial needs must be addressed so that you remain in a position to be able to help those around you.

At Walker Laurent Inc, we help you ensure that your later years are as comfortable as can be and that you are in a position to enjoy your retirement to the fullest while still attentive to the needs of the generations to come.

We help you address all aspects of your financial security and well-being, such as investing, saving, insurance cover, estate and legacy planning, and more.


Having the reassurance that all your financial plans are in place and you and your family are protected means you can enjoy your life without worrying about unexpected events. Life will always throw curveballs, but preparation and anticipation of what might happen place you in a better position to overcome events when they do occur. By reviewing and enhancing any protections you may already have in place, updating wills, and estate planning, you make the most of what you have to leave to others. All of our advisors act in a fiduciary capacity, ensuring you and your family’s best interests are always the focus of any recommendations.

Walker Laurent Inc can also help you start a financial conversation with your children or dependents. We frequently work with intergenerational families, encouraging open and honest dialogue that keeps the whole family on the same page, appreciative and understanding of your decisions, and feeling engaged in the process.

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