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Private Individuals

Your vision for the future

If you’re not married, you are in one of the fastest-growing demographics. Whether you choose to be single, are divorced, separated, or widowed, you are one of many such people all faced with similar choices.

We understand some of the typical planning issues that arise when you’re single. These include:

Will my money be sufficient for my retirement?
Can I continue to maintain my current standard of living?
How do I prepare for unexpected medical costs?
What happens if I need help to care for me later in life?

Walker Laurent Inc incorporates advice on retirement planning, employment choices, housing, taxation, asset protection, planning documents, and much more into a tailored financial strategy that addresses each of these critical areas.

Our aim is to help ensure your financial independence.

Turning worries into certainty

As the sole earner and decisionmaker, you carry all the responsibility for your finances. Not having a significant other to share these responsibilities or be a sounding board for ideas can sometimes lead to anxiety or inertia. We can help turn any financial worries you may have into financial confidence with education. We work with you to develop flexible strategies that evolve and grow with you as you travel along life’s journey, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your ability to make the right decisions.

Single Parents

The life of a single parent involves more considerations than for a single individual. It also takes thoughtful financial planning for you and your children, both now and for the future.

Walker Laurent Inc creates tailored financial plans that balance your financial and life goals with those of your children. We also offer several resources to help financially educate minors.

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