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Financial Planning

The Foundation of All Success

Preparing for a brighter, more financially rewarding future involves much more than just investing. It takes thoughtful planning that focuses on the issues and concerns which will impact your future financial success.

Real-World Solutions

Our planning specialists advise you on an assortment of planning matters and the relationships between them. Walker Laurent Inc presents clear and concise recommendations that are implemented in the form of practical, real-world solutions.

Your Unique Wealth

We appreciate that financial planning incorporates much more than simply numbers on a balance sheet. It should consider all factors that impact what you aim to achieve while addressing your requirements, family circumstances, and those you care about. We create plans and make recommendations formed around your unique objectives, timeline, needs, and goals.

Retirement Planning

Planning for your future is important at any stage of life. It helps you to plot a confident path as you prepare for and enter retirement and try hard to achieve a healthy work-life balance in the meantime. Walker Laurent Inc works collaboratively with you to pinpoint your retirement goals, then uses advanced planning tools and methods to create robust financial plans that reinforce your priorities. All plans include scenarios designed to help you think about and prepare for possible unplanned life events.

Higher Education

Higher education costs keep spiraling upwards and are one of the biggest expenses families face. Walker Laurent Inc helps you establish funding levels, weigh up the options, and make intelligent savings choices. With sensible planning, you can make a valuable investment in a child’s future.

Multi-generation families

The financial choices you make often must take into account the needs of extended family, which could span multiple generations. If possible, we welcome the opportunity to selectively bring the whole family into these discussions, to better understand and engage with the process. This depends on the age and capacity of the beneficiaries and how much you want them to know at this time. We also have educational resources available for parents to help open financial conversations with their children and improve financial literacy in preparation for the future.

Strategies for company owners

If you own a business, organizing your financial life involves more than simply your personal affairs. The interests of your business can sometimes clash with your personal best interests and those of your family, adding another level of complication to financial decision-making. Walker Laurent Inc helps you to simplify these challenges and optimize your plans for your business and your life.

Legacy and Estate Planning

Walker Laurent Inc has the experience to steer the transfer of your wealth with compassion and expertise to those you want to benefit. We discuss your objectives and priorities with you before designing a strategy that aligns with your future distribution plans.

Charitable Giving

For many of our clients, giving something back to the community or favored causes is an integral part of who they are and the values they stand for. Walker Laurent Inc helps you decide which giving options work best for you, your finances, the charities you support, and the impact you want your gifts to achieve.


We guide you through a range of protective strategies, including titling, legal documents, and conventional insurance. Our independence enables us to present practical and impartial recommendations focused solely on protecting you, your financial interests, and the people you care about.

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