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Investment Management

The Key to Your Financial Success

A well-thought-out and carefully implemented investment strategy is a critical element in achieving broader financial success. As a client of Walker Laurent Inc, you have a designated investment professional with access to the collective resources, tools, and information needed to select the right asset allocations, strategies, and individual investments needed to create a tailored portfolio specifically designed to address your objectives.

Investments That Make Sense for You

Walker Laurent Inc investment clients deserve more than a simple questionnaire to help us decide the right investment strategy for you. We believe that open two-way communication elicits the best information about you, your hopes, dreams, and goals so we can better understand you, your financial needs, your situation, and your goals. It also allows us to discuss your investment history and experience and your tolerance to risk. From there, we create and manage your investment portfolio, always keeping your specific objectives in mind as the key drivers of all investment decisions.

Serving Client Needs and Objectives

The independent nature of our company opens up the whole world of possibilities when it comes to investment selection. We have no conflicts of interest with other financial organizations, are not biased in our selection process, and do not receive kickbacks for recommending any company’s investment products. We make our decision based solely on the information you give to us, our discussions with you, and what we believe will best serve your needs and objectives. Nothing else matters. Additionally, the value of the assets we manage allows us to make institutional trades, cost-effectively accessing top-tier opportunities for our clients.

All portfolios are individually tailored and may include some or all of the following:

Cash for liquidity and instant access to new opportunities
Bonds for capital protection, income, risk reduction, and cash flow requirements
Equities for growth, dividends, longer-term objectives, and protection from inflation
ETFs for lower operating costs, flexible trading, and better tax efficiency
International investments for geographic, economic, and geopolitical diversification
Alternative Investments for higher risk and institutional volume trades.


Walker Laurent Inc uses an investment process designed to preserve, protect, and grow wealth. We conduct active and constant investment due diligence. We closely monitor changes in specific companies, investments, market segments, geopolitics, and the global economy to ensure your investment portfolio remains aligned to your aims and objectives.

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